Species of Spaces
House For Objects

The second in a three-part series of concurrent investigations into creative work and critical dialogue, SPECIES OF SPACES is a two week study into the origin of architectural form and space. House for Objects is a domestic setting for Specific Objects, the initial investigation into creative production. The plan is a direct transposition of Elegy to the Spanish Republic, 108, by renowned abstract expressionist painter Robert Motherwell.

The eponymous 1974 essay written by Georges Perec provides exhaustive, hyper-ordinary accounts of the familiar spaces of everyday life. Perec’s taxonomic breakdown of space places the mundane on equal footing with the metaphysical/incomprehensible. Against Perec’s backdrop of domesticity, House for Objects aims to subvert formal expectations of a house (as a society of rooms) without devolving into the nebulous open plan of modernity. The result is something new without being invention; something historical without being predictable.

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